Keep Cherished Memories Forever


This level of service brings you consultation and interview with a professional Producer/Director, a television crew film your interview and it’s professionally edited into the best bits of your Life Story to share with your nearest and dearest and wherever you desire.


The Gold service entitles you to the same level as Silver but with extra! Extra consultation, extra camera angles for your interview and extra exciting elements within the edit. Your Life Story to share with your nearest and dearest and wherever you desire.


The Platinum service offers something special, it includes the Gold service but offers you the bespoke opportunity to customise your story with drama. You and your family can re-create moments from your Life Story with a real life Television Director.


We have worked in the moving visual medium for over 25 years in every field from television, film, pop promo, commercials, online virals, live studio, sport, festivals, reality television, food, you name it, we’ve almost certainly done it!

For your loved ones to cherish

Memory is such an intangible element, I know how happy my own Dad is to be able to watch the video we made of my Grandad when he reached 100 years old. We showed it at his birthday party and sent it to friends around the world who couldn’t make it for the party and my Dad still watches the video at least twice a year!

Video my Life Story is a trading name of R C PRODUCTIONS LTD a company registered in England and Wales numberĀ 3828606

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