Making of Lipitor in Focus

This project has been the most complex production I have ever witnessed in over 20 years in the business. I was Head of Production for our previous company Plastic Interactive, myself and another Director, the hugely talented Dirk Bruwer, combined to run this together. Our biggest challenge was time, as Plastic, we won the contract on 26th September 2011 and delivered all 8 films by 15th November 2011.

Whilst developing the creative with the agency and client, constant communication was paramount. We had to produce 8 visually engaging different language/dialect films with 1 actor and 8 different voice over artists, whose every word and nuance had to be approved in the local regions. Not only that but there was 8 different scripts and variations of the message with roughly half of each script as sync audio over the same visuals. This film shows most of the processes we utilised.


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